Chess Clock for Maemo and Harmattan
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Game modes

Chess Clock supports six game modes (called also time controllers). More information about time controllers can be found in the Wikipedia article about Game clock.

Normal clock
Like normal game clock.
No time is added during the game.

Addition before
Before a player has made his move, a specified time increment is added to his clock. Time can be accumalated (remaining time can increase). Works like Fischer chess clock invented by Bobby Fisher.

Addition after
After a player makes his move, a specified increment will be added. Called also Fischer after.

When player's turn begins, the clock waits for the delay period before starting to subtract from player's time. Time is not accumalated. If player moves within the delay period, no time is substracted.

Delay after
The specified increment is added after the move. Like delay, the time is not accumalated: if player has moved faster than the time increment, only the exact amount of time expended by the player is added. Called also Bronstein delay , invented by David Bronstein.

Hour glass
Every second the first player uses to think is substracted from his clock and added to his opponent's clock. Game ends when difference between used times reaches the specified amount.

© Arto Hyvättinen 2010 & Heli Hyvättinen 2011. Chess Clock is free software under GNU General Public License 3.